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Telephony Systems


Telephony costs are increasingly a significant part of your business costs, especially if you are still using ISDN, a last generation PBX or PABX, leased lines or multiple land lines only capable of one call per line.

In many cases significant monthly and maintenance savings can be made by deploying an appropriate VoIP solution. These solutions often also offer more and improved features and performance at no extra cost. Voice recording is just one example!

A VoIP system works similarly to Skype (but much better!); the phones connect over your network and the internet via your own server that connects to its own land line number.

VoIP technology also allows a distributed workforce or team to appear to the outside world as though they are in the same building (with the same cost advantages) connected to the same business line. No more message or email passing to staff who are off site!

VoIP systems cut down on the need for ‘land-line’ phones as well as significantly reducing the cost of phone calls by making any phone call to a non-VoIP phone at a local rate whilst any VoIP to VoIP call is free.

Equally if you need to move premises or buildings we have moved 50 extension sites overnight with no noticeable down time.

If you are interested in cost saving by replacing your current phone system with a VoIP system please contact us on 01202 612081.  We will be happy to give you a quote including projected cost savings and service improvements.

Our preferred voice PARTNERS

Snom – offer a wide range of telephones from cordless handsets to conference call systems to suit all needs.

VoIPUnlimited – provide our ISP, VPN and VoIP service connections.

3CX – provide our reliable and scalable PBX systems .