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Security Concerns

12 May 2014

Security Concerns

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Now more than ever we need to be with security. Security of our data and our preferences but especially the data of our clients. Since the internet was invented people have dedicated their time to breaking and disrupting computers that are connected to it. To combat this network administrators have also dedicated their time to prevent these attacks. The continual battle between ‘white hats’ and ‘black hats’ has lead to more advanced technologies for protecting the ever increasing amounts of data that people and companies store. Eventually newer and more powerful defensive technologies are created to defend against hacks and attacks that seem almost impenetrable. The black hats will eventually find a way around these it is just a matter of time.

Over the course of the last decade HTTPS has become used more and more, being seen as the most secure method of transmitting secure data. However after a combined effort from researchers from UC Berkley and Intel Labs they have discovered HTTPS isnt as secure as everyone once thought ( They showed how anyone can intercept and analyze data using this protocol with accuracy around 89%. Fortunately for us they have already begun working on the next level of security, “they have thought of several defense techniques which, if implemented, can drastically reduce the accuracy of such an attack”. As I said earlier the constant digital war promotes growth as each side races to outdo the other.

Here at Semaphore we are always very concerned with our clients data, we will do our utmost to enable you to secure it. With backups in case of damage or loss, appropriate security measures to keep your data safe and making sure all of your passwords are the most secure they can be.

With our help your company can be the most secure and protected that it can possibly be, but this can only be achieved with your help. We all need to work together to stop the bad elements.

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