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Modern networks have higher speeds, greater reliability and capacity and will carry both VoIP and Camera feeds as well as just data compared to earlier systems. By the way, ‘earlier’ may mean just 5 years these days!

Semaphore Communications will specify, provide and provision professional high speed networks to connect your office systems and equipment to meet (and perhaps exceed) your business needs.

As well as physical networks we also specialise in virtual networks or VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks). These are encrypted data and voice channels that connect multiple sites, and your headquarters, together with a secure connection using the internet infrastructure. This is implemented by deploying specialist hardware and software and the result is a reliable, secure, seamless, high quality, connection.

With this VPN in place downloading files from your server will be as simple as being in the next room, no matter where you are in the world.

Please ask us how one of our solutions can make your business more secure and more efficient.

 Our preferred network PARTNER.

ZyXEL provide Wireless LAN Access Points (AP), hybrid wireless controllers and RADIUS servers – often all in the same piece of equipment. They also provide a number of security systems solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

With the “hybrid” features of their 3000 series, ZyXEL provide you with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) by turning the traditional AP into a controller or a managed AP in contrast to traditional controller systems.

By contrast, the new, entry-level USGs ZyWALL USG 20, 20W and 50 can satisfy small businesses’ security needs with strong security features, offering high grade security to smaller businesses against today’s more advanced network threats.

ZyXEL believe that no business today can afford to have downtime or suffer data loss. This is true not only for large companies but also, to an even bigger extent, SME’s.