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FileMaker is a software suite designed to provide databases and allied solutions such as CRM, stock and inventory control, customer satisfaction and behaviour tracking and other process control functions. It is unusual in that it can be configured for multiple sites and operation over networks and VPNs.

Semaphore would be only too happy to look at your business processes to see whether a FileMaker solution would bring significant benefits. This is often the case but there is no way of telling how much it might benefit you without a proper and professional investigation.

Since our staff have a high level of expertise in database creation and come from varied backgrounds we can ensure that they understand your needs and can propose beneficial solutions by working closely with you and your staff. If we cannot help you we will say so!

If we do work with you, please be assured that your solution will be specified correctly and capable of meeting both current demand as well as potential developments in the future.

Your solution might be a custom database designed to fulfil your exact requirements or a complete redesign and update of your existing systems. Alternatively you might benefit from our tailoring one of our pre-made solutions, to meet your needs.

Many of our valued customers started with an off the shelf system and were so happy that they later purchased a bespoke system and still have us update and review them on a regular basis.

You can keep your software and systems up-to-date and bug free, whilst enjoying the improved ease of use, by buying one of our variable support packages.

Our consultants are experts in the installation and set-up of FileMaker, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), VoIP and IOS solutions, deploying either ‘off the shelf’ or custom installs that will enhance your business and suit your budget.

These experts and products will streamline your data communications and networking capability, improve your database capacity and utilise your IT to improve speed, performance and the integrity of your business information.