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Do you have slow broadband?

03 Mar 2014

Do you have slow broadband?

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With our government pushing to get broadband to all of the UK we still have people who don’t have broadband. Yet those who do have broadband have rather poor or patchy broadband.

If you are lucky enough to have a superfast broadband connection or a fibre based broadband then you are one of the 73% ( as of the 1st of August in 2013, so its slightly out of date by now but still it cant have progressed that much. The government’s original plan of having the majority of the country on super fast broadband, which I believe they set as a minimum of 30Mbps, by 2015 has now been extended to by 2017. This doesn’t fill me with hope for those who can’t access good consistent broadband.

When I first set my first broadband through Sky in 2006 they were advertising a 32mbps connection at what was a reasonable rate at the time. By the time it had traveled several miles as the crow flies from the exchange and arrived at our door we were getting between 1 and 2mbps.

Technology has come a long way now especially since the advent of fibre optic broadband. Now I can quite comfortably achieve around 100mbps. From the sounds of things my home is one of the lucky inner city areas. According to Ofcom the average for urban areas is 26.4Mbps, 17.9Mbps in suburban areas and 9.9Mbps in the countryside. With this being said this covers anywhere from ADSL to fibre broadband and anything upwards.

In a recent Guardian article by Harriet Meyer at ( she discusses how many people are unhappy with their connection or their speed. From the Article it would be easy to assume that the major cities would be completely covered especially London would have the fastest broadband possible at the time. This would be a perfectly rational assumption but you would be wrong. According to Val Shawcross of the London Assembly ( the area of SE16 is still struggling to get fast let alone super fast broadband.

Here at Semaphore we endeavour to give our clients the best broadband possible through our provider VOIP Unlimited ( Before recommending a broadband to clients we always sit down and run checks on the lines and the local area so we can give you the perfect type of broadband for your needs.

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