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Remote & Secure Networking

Day Nursery Communications, security  and Data Improvements

A Day Nursery start-up was very successful which led to a rapid expansion to multiple sites in the South West.

Each site held sensitive data, both social and financial, but none had any back-up and there was no secure way of sharing data between sites or head office thereby creating several vulnerabilities and management difficulties.

Semaphore Communications introduced them to the ideas of IT, integrated communications, data transfer and storage by providing them with centralised back-up and data storage facilities. This was achieved by connecting all the branches and head office via secure dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels and designing and installing the necessary storage and back-up facilities whilst allowing for future expansion and capacity.

The nurseries can now share management, client and financial, files and information, virtually instantaneously, especially those relating to staff hours, child attendance, and child and parent personal information.

This introduction to integrated IT has allowed them to grow and expand with confidence along with greatly improved management and security.