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Document Digitisation

Paper to IT data transfer, organisation and access

An established climate control company which produces and installs diesel fuelled independent heating systems, air conditioning and climate control systems to rail, defence, ambulance, welfare, motorhome, off-road and marine markets via a nationwide network of dealers.

They are an establish FileMaker user that Semaphore Communications Ltd have been supporting for a number of years. They were using an established paper based project management system in part of the business, this however had an increasingly negative impacting on management control, speed of doing business and future expansion plans. There was also no back-up for the paper system rendering the business vulnerable to fire or flood.

They realised that integrating the historical paper records to their main FileMaker system was a fast growing necessity especially since some of the projects recorded on paper were very large and complicated. There were a number of such projects, some still on-going. Equally it was impossible for numbers of staff to access the records especially at the same time or from remote sites.

Semaphore Communications wrote a system enabling them to integrate the historical paper records. The first task was to create (in FileMaker) a complete data model replica of the paper system. A custom Filemaker add-on was created, rolled out and then integrated with the paper system, existing electronic databases and the communications system so that data could be exchanged securely between sites using secured VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

Since the conversion started they have been able to:

  • > Replace and archive the old paper system.
  • > Allow remote workers to access files.
  • > Made significant physical space savings.
  • > Enable and facilitate fast and efficient information searches.
  • > Enable interconnection with the other databases already in use.
  • > Benefit from more efficient working and data sharing, especially via VoIP phones.
  • > This has significantly improved management control and reporting.